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A Community of Growth


At Humanity Hive, I aim to support counselors through their clinical journey.  I want counselors to feel capable in their ability to practice skillfully and authentically. I seek to provide learning opportunities, through relevant content and eventual CE courses, so that new and seasoned clinicians can grow their knowledge and skill. We must recognize our need to learn from each other, no matter how far we are in our practice. In an effort to promote this belief, I provide free, approved, site membership that gives you access to private groups and forums where you can get consultations from fellow clinicians.


In licensed supervision, I want clinicians to recognize their ability to practice humbly and confidently. I seek to promote ethical and informed practice in our community.  I want to provide a place of safety and acceptance for clinicians to ask for help and be brave enough to say "I don't know". If we are able to be vulnerable with each other, without judgment, then we are able to practice true empathy with our clients. 


 As an ADHDer or one who loves them, I hope you found helpful information on my instagram page. Here I am working to provide coaching as an additional means of support. I am a fellow ADHDer who found a passion in working with this population, as a therapist who can very easily connect with the struggles we face. Please navigate the ADHD Coaching Page to learn more! 

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"The cure for burnout isn't and can't be self care. It has to be all of us caring for each other."

Emily & Amelia Nagoski

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