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Candin Phillips, M.Ed., LPCS

As a licensed counselor and supervisor, I feel an ever present pull to provide support to my fellow clinicians. As the ultimate frontline for those who are struggling with the burden life has placed on them, I find we are often the blind spot for care, education, appreciation and growth. I am energized by the role of being a sounding board, teacher, support and safe place for vulnerability. 

As a fellow ADHDer, I've stumbled upon the passion of providing content, support and information for other ADHDers and those that love them. You likely are here due to my Instagram account and are here to gain additional support and information. I'm working to provide information in a format that our brains better process: video courses in short sections.


Ten+ years in the field provides me with excellent trainings, leadership examples, and experience treating a variety of challenging client populations. Personal experience and research on ADHD places me in an ideal position to help educate and support others onthis specific topic. While I pull from these experiences to help guide others, I look forward to learning more!  


For more specifics on my education and training, please see below.


I earned my Masters in Counselor Education from the University of Mississippi I gained experience working with difficult populations in PRTFs and schools that serve students with severe emotional and behavioral disabilities. My ultimate pleasure was working on the Greater Greenville Mental Health Center's School Mental Health team as a counselor and lead supervisor. This is where I was exposed to innovative leadership and developed my love for supervising counselors.

I am rostered in TF-CBT and trained in EMDR. I became a trainer in ACES, which added order to my experience working in complex trauma. This level of education, in addition to years of experience, allow me to feel confident in providing guidance and support to others. 


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Licensure supervision is offered for those seeking LPC licensure in the state of South Carolina. Please contact for more information about terms and cost.


Licensure supervision is offered for those seeking their LPC Supervision license in the state of South Carolina. Please contact for more information about terms and cost.


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